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This is no joke.  This is how most of us feel when we realize we have a water problem in our basement or crawlspace...and with good reason.  In our experience, most people wait to do something about their foundation's water problems until it's too late.  

You can imagine that it's ten times more costly to replace a foundation due to water intrusion than it would've been to simply waterproof when you first noticed signs of a damp foundation.  Most of our clients are surprised at how quickly and inexpensively we can permanently waterproof the foundation of their home or building.  This is truly a perfect example of "an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure."  Foundation waterproofing/basement waterproofing is much better than foundation or basement replacement.

What causes a basement or crawlspace to leak?
Water is always trying to get to the lowest point it can. In our area, that's the Gulf of Mexico. Sounds extreme, but that's what's happening. From your gutter, down the down spout through the yard to the drainage ditch, to the creek, which flows into the White river, to the Wabash, Ohio, Mississippi river into the Gulf.

The easiest path it can take to get there is the path it will use.
If the easiest path is through your basement, then that's where the water is going to go on its journey South.

Proper and permanent waterproofing is the process of offering the water an easier path to follow than having to go through your foundation.

"Waterproofing" is the act of keeping the water out of your house.
"Water moving " is the act of collecting it in an interior drain tile once it's moved through your foundation and re-routing it back outside.
The method we practice most often at Bramwell McKay is "Waterproofing".

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Waterproofed wall of building.

Waterproofed wall of building.