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  If you are building a new home, or adding to your existing home, and plan to add brick or stone to the exterior, contact Bramwell-McKay for a comprehensive masonry proposal.  

Masonry is the process of joining together mortar and stone or brick. From the bottom of your foundation to the top of your chimney and many places in-between ,
masonry more than any other material adds value to your home and keeps maintenance to a minimum. Choosing the right masonry contractor for your project is more important than you may think.
If you're building a new home with Block, Brick, or Stone, your Builder will likely be choosing the Masonry Contractor for you. This is the way of things. You hire the Builder to make these decisions and he or she is supposed to make the best decision. Most will.
Here are some facts that you will be glad to know...
In Bloomington Indiana in 1990 a Masonry Contractor charged an average of .60 cents to lay a brick. That translates to $600.00 for every 1000 brick laid. (This price is for labor only).
Today in Bloomington, the average Masonry Contractor charges in the neighborhood of $700 to $800 per 1000 brick. This is perfectly appropriate pricing for the craft adjusting for the increased price of fuel etc. Paying anything less for the installation of Masonry on your home should raise some red flags.
So, what's the problem??
Head an hour in any direction out of Bloomington and it's hard to find a general contractor who pays more than $400.00 per thousand. HALF the appropriate rate!!

What happened?? How could a Builder go from paying his Bricklayer 800.00 to 400.00 almost overnight?? As a homeowner (and the ultimate Boss), what do you need to know about this issue? More to come...

For Masonry work in Jasper, Evansville, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Louisville, please contact Bramwell-McKay today for a free, no-obligation consultation.  812-631-5925 or 812-33-BRICK

Stone and brick masonry residential work.

Stone and brick masonry residential work.