Foundation Repair

Foundation under repair.


In Indiana, truly a magical time of year....although MANY parts of our state, and neighboring states, are dealing with significant flooding issues. For immediate attention from masonry experts, give us a call.  Any concerns you have about what the extreme thawing/raining/flooding weather recently has done to your building will be addressed with high priority. 

Likewise, all other issues you notice about your foundation or basement are things we are here to consult with you about.  If you have vertical or stairstep cracks in your home's foundation, bowing basement walls, cracks in your brick or stone work, windows and doors hard to open, wet basement, or musty smells, these are all signs of potential foundation trouble. 

These problems can occur whether your home is old or new, whether it sits on a crawlspace, basement, or a combination of both.  Bramwell-McKay has replaced more foundations in the Midwest than any other contractor.  Our knowledge of foundation repair and replacement is unsurpassed.

  For help in Jasper, Evansville, Bloomington, Indianapolis, or Louisville, contact Bramwell-McKay for a free, no-obligation consultation and assessment of your foundation's condition.  Call 812-661-7552.