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Historical Masonry Restoration and Preservation 
The importance of properly preserving and restoring our historic Masonry structures can not be overstated.
The elusive art (or lack of it) of Historic Masonry Restoration and Repair reveals itself in many of our areas finest historic structures. 
Historic Restoration is to Masonry what brain surgery is to Medicine.
You wouldn't have a Bone Doctor working on your frontal lobe.
Neither should you have a "Masonry Contractor" working on your historic brick or stone.
Most Masons today are not aware of Lime Putty Mortar or hand molded soft brick or any of the hundreds of nuances that are present in a restoration project. 
Many well-intending masons have caused irreparable damage to historic structures in an attempt to help the structure because of a lack of historic masonry knowledge.

Bramwell-McKay has specialized in Historic Masonry Restoration for more than a quarter of a century. We have consulted on and completed thousands of historical masonry restoration and preservation projects throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky and look forward to discussing your historic masonry restoration/preservation with you.

For help in  Jasper Indiana, Bloomington Indiana, Louisville, Evansville and Indianapolis, please contact Bramwell-McKay today for a free, no obligation consultation
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