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Chimney repair for Indiana

I have water leaking in around my chimney!
I've been seeing brick chips on my roof near my chimney.
The top two feet of my chimney is darker in color than the rest of it. 
A few days after it rains the top couple feet of my chimney still looks soaked with moisture.
I had a new roof put on but it still leaks in that area.
Someone said "maybe it's the flashing."  My roofer has been back a few times and said "its not the roof."

Okay, here's the deal...
If your chimney was built after 1900 (most of them are), it is highly unlikely that it was "
crowned" properly. 
A proper chimney crown keeps water out and away from your chimney for over 100 years.
An improper chimney crown allows water to penetrate the top of your chimney and fall inside.
When the freeze-thaw cycle sets in, the soaked bricks freeze and crack. The faces pop off, cracks form, more water infiltrates, and so on and so on...until the chimney needs to be replaced.
Please examine the pictures above to see what a proper chimney crown looks like.
If your chimney does not have a proper crown and is showing signs of deterioration, it likely needs the simple solution of a proper crown. 
All chimney work performed by Bramwell-McKay carries a lifetime guarantee.

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